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204                          LETTERS   FROM   THE

The De Mauldes are coming to stay with me.
I have such kind letters from them, and so
charming an epistle from Hortense, that I believe
I am turning fool in my old age, and have caught
myself two or three times looking in the glass,
and giving my man instructions how to dress my

I never experienced greater friendship and
cordiality than from Perregaux. He is much
abused for having been afraid, and for giving
way to the system of terror; but I should like
to know if those who abuse him, and who ran
away entirely, were not as much afraid at least.

I have had the satisfaction of receiving some
pleasing letters from prisoners to whom I have
rendered service, written proprio motu after their
arrival. Men are not so ungrateful as you im-
agine. I suspect ingratitude is often provoked by
something in the behaviour of the obliger, which
hurts the pride of the obliged, and settles the

There are nine English prisoners, whom I
have been clothing, confined in the chdteau, in a
room belonging to the Queen's apartments. The
municipality here have sent me the keys, and a
person to open every room to monsieur U commis-
saire. There are also two hundred Austrian pris-